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Max, misiunea impune o mustață subțire. Max, the assignment I have for you calls for a thin mustache. Place one edge of the gel carrier plate sheet side down on the cover sheet plate and lower it slowly so that a gel film forms between the sheets and spreads out regularly and free of bubbles Figure 3.

The fat is thin and light and forms a small network between the meat, rendering it marbled and flavourful.

They began to be produced on a large scale in the second half of the 19th century, with the development of the smoked meats industry, and came to be regarded as a high-quality meat product in beef round casing. And so even though Mars has an atmosphere, we can see it's much thinner than the Earth's. A vertical condenser, 30 to 40 cm in length, with a fine-necked bulb at the end.

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EurLex-2 Grupul Hansol a susținut, de asemenea, că măsurile ar fi împotriva interesului consumatorilor, care nu vor avea acces la hârtie termică subțire cu prețuri rezonabile.

The Hansol Group also alleged that measures would be against the interest of consumers, who will be prevented from having access to reasonably priced LWTP. All you do by putting forward those arguments, I am afraid, is argue for a totalitarian regime thinly disguised by a very thin layer of democracy, and you do not place any value on those people who have paid with blood and paid with their lives both in Tunisia and Egypt.

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Europarl8 O parte interesată a afirmat că produsele fotovoltaice cu strat subțire ar trebui incluse în definiția produsului în cauză, argumentând că acestea au aceleași caracteristici fizice, chimice și tehnice și aceleași utilizări finale de bază.

One interested party claimed that thin film PV products should be included in the definition of product concerned, arguing that they share the traducerea de subțire în jos basic physical, chemical and technical characteristics and the same basic end uses.

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EurLex-2 În cazul în care măsurile luate pentru reducerea consumului anual de pungi de transport din plastic subțire se bazează pe greutate, ar trebui să se raporteze informații privind greutatea medie a pungilor de transport din plastic subțire, în scopul de a permite conversiunea datelor privind consumul în cifre, astfel încât datele bazate pe greutate sau pe numărul de pungi de transport din plastic subțire raportate de diferitele state membre să poată fi comparate.

Where measures are taken to reduce the annual consumption of lightweight plastic carrier bags in terms of weight, information on the average weight of lightweight plastic carrier bags should be reported in order to enable conversion of figures for consumption into numbers, so that the data reported by different Member States based on weight or on numbers of lightweight plastic carrier bags can be compared.

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